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Amanda Mounser has created the super edgy eponymous line of jewelry Mounser. Her creations are really unique and have some very special sculptural qualities that each season she reinvents with lots of imagination. As if it wasn't already exciting to go meet with her at her apartment to take the opportunity to learn more about the way she works, I got immersed in her super cool universe and appreciated how multi talented she really is. The bookshelves are filled with reference inspiration books, the walls are covered of artworks, so many being hers and there are beautiful unusual objects peppered everywhere. I didn't want to leave!

Photos by Delphine Dores



Tell us a little about your inspiration and process?

I love modernist sculpture and it is a major design influence for me. I utilize that inspiration in many stages of the design process from the shape of individual components to the combination of elements to create the final design. I seek inspiration from sculptors such as Isamu Noguchi, Barbara Hepworth, Jean Arp, Naum Gabo and Alexander Calder to name a few. My designs take reference from their idea of seeing objects that exist in nature and creating abstractions through sculptural amorphous form.

"My designs take reference from their idea (Isamu Noguchi, Barbara Hepworth, Jean Arp, Naum Gabo and Alexander Calder to name a few) of seeing objects that exist in nature and creating abstractions through sculptural amorphous form"

With regards to my process, I take my inspiration and either create or source shapes and components I find interesting. From there, I gather all of the materials and experiment with asymmetry, composition and proportion. I rework the architecture of the piece until it feels right. Its kind of like working with collage in metal, moving pieces around until all of the components are working together, balanced in perfect harmony.

Who is your favorite artist?

Eek HARD ONE, you get more than one if I have to narrow! Jean Arp, Cy Twombly, IsamuNoguchi.

What is the best part of what you do?

I love that I get to have a truly artistic approach to fashion design. I am so thankful that I have found a livelihood that allows me to be creative and experimental, to dream something up in my mind, figure out how to architect it and have tangible work to show in the end.

Do you still make all the pieces yourself?

I outsource production to freelancers and work with factories. Some more intricate parts of production process on some of the more complicated pieces I still do myself. I do love working with my hands so it's enjoyable for me.

Are there new projects you would like to talk to us about?

I'd eventually like to evolve the brand to include art, object and on a larger scale even furniture down the line.

Four must have you pack for your vacation?

First, Mount Hagen Instant Coffee - I would die without it.

Second, cold pressed African shea butter - its a miracle worker for dry skin, sunburn, bug bites, and is a fantastic moisturizer - no matter where you are traveling - cold weather / warm weather its a cure all.

Third, Vans sk8 hi's because we are outdoors people over here and always have something that involves getting in the thick of nature planned. They work for a hike but can also be paired back to a dress for wandering the streets for hours.

Finally, easy knock out dresses like the white eyelet Leila Ligougne and slip dresses from Protagonist and Sleeper.

Favorite book? The Fountainhead.

Are you listening to music when you work? Yes! Everything from Missy Elliot to Black Sabbath.

Favorite Leila Ligougne dress? The white eyelet maxi dress that I have!

One piece or bikini? Bikini.

Your happy place? The Highway 101 drive from Malibu to Big Sur.

Secret getaway? Belize.

Prized possession? I have so much stuff, but I could lose everything and still be happy as long as I had my husband and dog!

Dream vacation? Bali, Vietnam, Thailand via motorcycle.

One adjective to describe yourself? Light!

Favorite soundtrack? I have to say, I've absolutely fallen in love with the soundtrack from Big Little Lies.

Beauty secret? Bioderma makeup remover, it is unbelievable and has truly changed my skin!

Favorite charity? Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and Africa New Life

Pet? Dog - Borris a rowdy Jack Russel, Miniture Pincher mix of energy.

Secret about yourself? I take a 20 minute nap everyday at 3:00.

Instagram or FB? Instagram! @mounsernyc

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