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Vogue México & Latinoamérica, European Editor

Eugenia Gonzalez de Henn is a new mother, European editor to Vogue México and Latinoamérica. I am very inspired by the way she manages her daily family life all while consulting and traveling to cover stories, events or fashion weeks. Based in Berlin, but traveling frequently in Europe or to New York and Mexico, Eugenia tells stories from the eye of a modern bohemian...

Photos by Maria Burguete for LL Muses

  Leila Ligougne x Eugenia Gonzales de Henn Eugenia is wearing the Daphne in black


What do you like to do most these days?

Get some time to myself to be able to work out and write. Time is a precious commodity now a days!

How do you manage being a mother and your writer's work? If I understand correctly, you also travel to experience some incredible destinations?!

Logistically its incredibly complicated because I don’t have any family in Berlin to help out. The best is being able to travel with my daughter, but when that doesn’t happen I rely on mothers or nannies for help!

How do you choose your subjects?

It’s a combination of what peaks my interest or my editor’s interest.

What inspires you the most with your work?

The fact that since I don’t cover one specific subject I get to write and learn about a vast range of topics.

Where is this beautiful swimming pool on the pictures?

Its on a mountain top overlooking a beach called Punta Monterrey which is located north of a small town called San Pancho., in the state of Nayarit, Mexico.

Do you have any recommendation if I were to travel there? (places to go to, market, restaurant or cafe?)

I was vastly unimpressed with Sayulita, which is the major draw of the area north of Punta Mita. After 4 or 5 trips down there, I think my best recommendation would be to go all out luxury and splurge on the Imanta hotel, which I have found to be the best in the Punta Mita area. Its beach and its décor is spectacular. Its wildly expensive, but really a wonderful experience.

Who is your favorite artist? I don’t think I could ever pick one!

4 must have you pack for your vacation? Eucerin for dry noses on the plane, a very heavy serum, a Sudoku book and my Bose noise cancelling headphones.

Are you listening to music when you work? No.

Favorite Leila Ligougne dress or top? The black and white Daphne dress.

One piece or bikini? One piece.

Your happy place? Mexico. Anywhere in the country will do just fine.

Prized possession? My wedding ring.

Dream vacation? Vietnam.

One adjective to describe yourself? Overwhelmed!

Favorite charity? Project Paz. I’m biased, I’m a founder.

Secret about yourself? I’m generally very good at languages but I have not been able to crack German after three years living here. Its not so much a secret, just something I keep to myself out of total embarrassment.

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