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This time, I wanted to introduce Stacey Caldwell, a Brooklyn-based muse I know well because I am always looking forward to these brainstorming sessions we have together. Stacey is this beautiful woman you really want to have around you. She is full of energy, mother of two young adorable boys and has already nailed down multiple careers it seems. After spending some eight years as the Vice President of Global Sales and Merchandising with Thakoon, Stacey started Caldwell Creative as a way to work with designers and share her knowledge and connections to help with merchandising, creative content, retail strategies and so much more. Let’s not forget, Stacey is the co-author of the New York Times Best Seller "Where's Karl?" and a founding member of NY non-profit organization Project Paz... Stacey is definitely passionate with fashion with a meaning and a cause. When I heard Stacey found the time for a quick getaway to Morocco, I asked if she could share photos of this interlude to her busy life...


Stacey Caldwell The Ines El Fenn

You have two young children, work in the fashion industry and are very committed to fundraising. How do you manage such a busy schedule?

I try to always live in the moment and focus on one day at a time.  If not, it can all feel a bit daunting.

I really enjoy the crazy mornings with our two, young boys--Oliver and Rex--and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to have my own business which allows me to be both creative and passionate about my work and family.  I wake up early with the kids to ensure I have some quality time with them before heading to work.  I have to admit that I love being the only girl in the house.  Oliver is also great at helping me with my make-up.  It is never easy to find that perfect work/home balance, but I try to focus on the kids when home and focus on work when at the office.  I also constantly lean on the more-experienced moms surrounding me for their words of wisdom.  

Each day is always different for me, and I am constantly meeting new, very talented individuals on all sides of the fashion industry which keeps me very inspired.  I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people with contagious spirits.  It really doesn’t feel like work, and every day I am learning something new.  I have found that when we can work together to share resources, we can all really benefit.  Nothing about the fashion industry is easy at the moment; however, there are many great success stories to share when it comes to independent brands carving out their own unique paths.  

Project Paz is the charity I co-founded with a group of very close friends in 2010 which has since raised nearly $1,000,000 towards supporting peace through children's artistic education on both sides of the Mexican border.  This small project has grown over the past eight years very organically and significantly all through the work of volunteers who are passionate together, and I am so honored to be part of the organization.

StaceyCaldwell TheJane ElFennStacey Caldwell  

What is your passion these days?

I had my two boys very close together, and I was grounded in New York for quite some time.  I have really been suffering from the travel bug lately, and I am trying to tack on little, short getaways—even if for only a few days—when I am away for work.  I was lucky enough to visit Marrakech recently after fashion week in Paris in March, and while short, it was sooo sweet.  I also visited Venice for the first time last month for a dear friend’s wedding, and it was truly magical.  I think it was our first trip away without the kids together since becoming parents.  I felt like I was in a James Bond movie in the best way the entire time.  My only regret was not tacking on more time in Italy. 


What do you like the most in what you do?

After the “Where’s Karl?” book-tour and having my son Oliver, I had a bit of time on my hands, and I was approached by a few designers to help with their business development.  My business grew by word-of-mouth and very organically in the early days.  Since, I have worked with such a talented group of designers across all categories of the fashion business who all have a desire to develop either their products and/or businesses in some capacity.  I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work so closely with each designer and review his/her needs from an outside perspective.  This industry is constantly evolving and changing, and the rules often times no longer apply to many aspects.  Thinking outside the box and developing marketing strategies that will reach a broad demographic is always something that I enjoy.  The unpredictability of each day is really one of my favorite aspects of my work, and I genuinely love the products with which I work.  I love the challenge of helping these amazing designs make their way into the world and into more people’s homes and closets.  I now need more hours in the day to fit it all in, and I’m no longer staring at the clock.  


Any future project you would like to share?

I recently founded a website called Make Love Not War which is a space where we can develop capsule collections and collaborations with a charitable component.  20% of all sales from the site will always be donated to a charitable cause.  The first capsule is a t-shirt collection called Introspective, and the proceeds will be donated to the Stonemason Douglas High School community in Parkland, Florida.  My Inner Oprah, My Inner Kim, and My Inner Riri are just a few of our favorite Introspective t-shirts.  

Stacey Caldwell the Grace

You recently traveled to Morocco. The photographs are a testimony to an incredible trip. Do you have some recommendations?

Stay: El Fenn, Riad Kitula, or Riad L’Hotel Marrakech

Eat: Nomad, Scarabeo Camp (a 45 min drive from Marrakech and well worth the trip/spend the night if you can)

Buy:  Rugs at Les Nomades de Marrakech, Slippers and straw bags in the Medina

Experience:  Camel riding in the desert and an authentic hamam experience at the Spa at El Fenn


Who is your favorite artist? Louise Bourgeois, especially her paintings.

4 must have you pack for your vacation?

La Roche-Posay Sunscreen

A straw hat from Gigi Burris

My sunglasses from Gentle Monster

My Ines dress from Leila Ligougne

Are you listening to music when you work? Wishfully, yes, but realistically no. I normally am listening to a client or listening to myself speak way too often.

Favorite Leila Ligougne dress or top? The Daphne was my favorite, but I just met the Ella.

One piece or bikini? One pieces forever.

Your happy place? On a beach anywhere in Mexico with a book.

Prized possession? My photographs both digital and printed.

Dream vacation? Dying to take the boys on a Safari in Africa.

One adjective to describe yourself? Curious.

Favorite charity? Project Paz, sorry I’m a bit biased.
** Project Paz will have a link up to donate to support the immigrant children.Please donate here**

Secret about yourself? Mick Jagger is my all-time crush.

Instagram @caldwellcreativestudio

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The Ella
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