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  • Purple Liberty Face Covering
Purple Liberty Face Covering
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Purple Liberty Face Covering

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I am still dedicating time and resources to make and donate masks to organizations who need them.

A portion of proceeds will cover mask donations


Non-medical masks with filter pocket. Handmade with love in Brooklyn at home while the design studio is closed and off limits. Each mask is unique or produced in small batches with fabrics we are able to get our hands on. The masks are designed to have a large face covering from the middle of the nose to behind the chin, from ear to ear and can have ear or head loops. All edges are close to the face, but it is a little roomy in front of the mouth to allow better breathing. Filter pocket. Comes in 5 sizes.


In the note you can specify if you would like ear loops or head loops. If you do not specify, we will send you ear loops.


*Please hand wash your mask before wearing for the first time.

100% cotton 
Elastic may contain latex

Handmade with love in Brooklyn


Refer to the below size guide before buying

Filters not included

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